Hotel Mortgage

A slow market can present tremendous opportunities for those who buck the trend and take a long-range view. The hospitality market, depressed over the past few years, has begun to turn around and many savvy investors are responding with forward-thinking strategies for success. This is an optimum time to invest in a new acquisition or upgrade an existing property

Whether it is a large hospitality organization, a franchise operator or a new independent hotel, The Walden Group has many of lenders that understand this exciting market and can help to satisfy a wide range of capital requirements.

Church Mortgage



Churches today are taking a much more active role in our communities and are expanding the level of services that they provide.



Commercial Mortgage




The Walden Group offers loan products and programs for commercial real estate loans. Commercial properties include: office, industrial, mini-storage, and retail.




Hotel Mortgage



The hospitality market, can present tremendous opportunities for those who take a long-range view.



Mixed Use Mortgage



Mixed use property typically contains a combination of commercial (most often retail) space as well as residential units.



Multi-family Use Mortgage



The Walden Group is a leader in the multi-family lending market. Transactions involve all types of multi-family properties, from those with only a few units to large multi-building complexes with hundreds or thousands of units.



Small Business Administration Loans



The Small Business Administration loan is used for property and business acquisition, construction, leasehold improvements, working capital, equipment leasing or purchase and inventory.



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